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Hear From Our Clients

Benjamin T. Burchett, Esq.


He’s the man

Mr. Burchett shot me straight from the get go. He listened to me, took a lot of time to explain things to me, and seemed to care about my case from the moment I walked through the door. He wasn’t the kind of guy who seems like he’s only out for the money. He actually told me to consult with another lawyer if I wanted to so I could get another perspective on my case. He got me a good result. I will use him again.

- Anonomous 


Ben Burchett Truly Cares

Ben Burchett is a fine man. When he represented our son recently, we found him to be caring and empathetic. He treats his clients with dignity and compassion. When one finds oneself in the criminal justice system it is easy to become discouraged, distraught and/or angry. At such a time, it is good to have a lawyer who not only works hard but who also respects the dignity of all persons.



Just perfect

I have a lot to say about Mr Burchett but one thing that made him the best of all was how he told me everything was going to be alright before i even told him my case…he was like a big brother nd was there every step of the way. He was just there, kept me informed was making sure i was alright nd his talk was just comforting. All the staffs are called by God to work there and i will recommend him a zillion times……they are all just perfect!!

- Mary


Mr. Burchett is wonderful

Mr. Burchett was my son’s attorney for what seemed an impossible situation. He handled my son’s case with true professionalism and honesty. He worked hard and fought hard for my son and I’m thankful that he won this case for us. He and Patrice were always available to speak with us and answer any questions. I believe Mr. Burchett has his clients best interests at heart. He has an incredible assistant, Patrice, who is friendly, caring and makes your phone call as important to her as it is to you.
I’m thankful for Mr. Burchett and would and have recommended him to others.

- Barbara



Ashley E. Mroczek, Esq.


She got me my kids

She got me my kids. She said she would and she delivered. I thought it would be hard for me bc I’m a man but she did it. Thank u

- John

Aggressive yet compassionate & helpful

Ms. Mroczek helped me with my divorce & custody issues. I felt like she really cared about me and had my children’s best interests at heart. She was well prepared and aggressive in the courtroom with my ex. I feel confident recommending her.

- Shelly

Kind Compassionate Tough

Ms. Mroczek represented me in a divorce and custody case. From the beginning I knew she was the right fit. Even just in the consultation I felt like she really listened and really wanted to help me. I went into the consultation feeling like my husband had the upper hand and that I was going to get screwed in court but when I left I felt empowered. She explained to me why in all actuality I had the upper hand and my ex was just bullying me (again). She helped me figure out what was important to me and she helped settle issues that could be settled. When it came to court though she did a great job. I felt like she was really fighting for me and I felt like I knew what was going on. She does a really good job of explaining everything and was really upfront with cost. I have told all my friends about her in case they have to go through anything similar. Divorce sucks but having a good lawyer helps.

- Kate


Ashely did a fabulous job with my divorce and custody of my boys. Any questions I had, she responded quickly and was knowledgeable. She was honest even if it didn’t work for me and I could appreciate that. I would absolutely recommend Ashley.

- Anonymous 


Ashley’s Awesome!

She did an amazing job and i’m so glad i chose her to represent me! She’s very easy to talk to and explained everything to me thoroughly… She really has a way of making you feel more comfortable. I was so nervous and just having her there with me made all the difference. She went in for the win and that’s exactly what we got!

- Anonymous 

Mrs. Mroczek is an awesome Lawyer

I have been a client of Mrs. Mroczek’s for a couple of years now and she has helped me tremendously over the past several years. I have had to go back to court on several occasions with my ex-husband over lots of things such as summer vacation, child support, visitation, clothing issues for my children. We lost once on the summer vacation issue, mostly because Mrs. Mroczek was new into the lawyer seen and did not understand who she was dealing with (my ex). I expressed my concern with her and told her we will be better prepared next time we go into court. Well we have not lost another case since. She has taken each case and reviewed all the documents I have provided to her and she has fought with my ex-husband’s lawyer who is much like my ex-husband. Our most recent case over child support, she did an excellent job of preparing for court and dealing with the issues of what my ex-husband wanted and of course things did not go exactly like I wanted but I still say it was a win because my ex-husband did not get what he wanted. She responds to emails in a timely manner and will return your calls in a timely manner. She does her homework and is not afraid to fight for you. She is very resourceful and is everything that I would expect from a great Lawyer.

- Teresa

She’s does an outstanding job!

Ashley Mroczek was the first lawyer I have ever had to use, and now she will be the only one. She helped me through one of the hardest times of my life. She broke everything down for me and helped me understand. She always responded in a timely matter to my questions and concerns. She helped me win the custody I wanted for my child and be extremely happy with the results of all my court cases. I would recommend her to everyone!

- Nicole